Josh Bernstein P.C. is a full-service civil rights and employment law firm located in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan. Josh Bernstein represents clients with a wide variety of employment claims, including:


Josh Bernstein litigates every variety of employment discrimination claim: Sexual harassment, gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, disability discrimination, racial discrimination, national origin discrimination, age discrimination, religious discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, gender identity discrimination, family status discrimination, citizenship status discrimination, unemployment status discrimination, and criminal conviction discrimination. The firm is well-versed in a variety of workplace laws that protect employees against being discharged, demoted, harassed, suspended, threatened or otherwise adversely treated on the basis of discrimination.

Mr. Bernstein is also experienced in educational discrimination suits.

Wage & Hour

Josh Bernstein represents clients in failure to pay wages, benefits, commissions, bonuses, severance, overtime, minimum wage,  and all other varieties of wage and hour claims. The firm also advocates for employees who have been fired, demoted, or otherwise mistreated for asserting their right to proper payment. Mr. Bernstein is experienced in litigating wage and hour claims under federal law and the New York Labor Law, including the Wage Theft Prevention Act.


Josh Bernstein P.C. represents clients in breach of contract and employment agreement, confidentiality, non-competition (non-compete), non-solicitation, non-disclosure, severance, and theft of trade secrets disputes. The firm also represents clients in negotiating and litigating separation agreements.

Family and Medical Leave Act

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) litigation is an integral part of the firm’s practice. Qualified employees are entitled to up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave per year for a variety of reasons – i.e. to care for their own or a family member’s serious health condition or pregnancy – under the FMLA. Josh Bernstein P.C. has extensive experience handling FMLA issues and suits for violations of the FMLA.

Whistleblower and Retaliation

Josh Bernstein P.C. advocates for employees who have been illegally retaliated against for reporting misconduct in the workplace, including discrimination and other wrongdoing. The firm counsels employees considering blowing the whistle, and those who have faced adversed consequences for doing so, whether the activity was reported internally or externally.

Labor Law

Josh Bernstein P.C. represents employees in a wide variety of labor law claims, including retaliation for engaging in unionization and other concerted activity, agitation for better workplace conditions, and union failure to represent its members.

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