Level the Playing Field

From his days at NYU Law to his practice today, Josh Bernstein fuses intellectual acumen with a boundless passion for the cause. Mr. Bernstein’s dedication to employee rights and economic justice is in his blood, stretching all the way back to his great-grandmother, a labor organizer for the International Lady Garment Worker’s Union in the 1920s.┬áMr. Bernstein exclusively represents the victims of harassment, discrimination, and workplace injustice.

The firm’s guiding philosophy is to focus on a small number of important cases, knowing that committed counsel devoting sufficient resources to match even the most well-heeled defendant is the key to generating outstanding results. Your attorney will be personally involved in every aspect of the case, and will leave no stone unturned.

Mr. Bernstein has a particular focus on representing the victims of sexual harassment, disability discrimination, and wage theft. Serious conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, and epilepsy, require a serious attorney with a wealth of medical knowledge. Mr. Bernstein has exceptional experience litigating on behalf of individuals with serious health conditions.